Shocking Moment Raging Horse Savages A Sheep To Dᴇɑтһ And Throws It Like A Rag Doll

Horses are usually kind and gentle animals, however, they do tend to become dangerous due to various circumstances. Right below, invite you to watch the video Shocking moment raging horse savages a SHEEP to death and throws it like a rag doll.

Aggressive horse kills sheep

Aggressive horse kills sheep

An adult horse was captured torturing a small little lamb in these heartbreaking shots. This is the shocking moment a raging horse savages a sheep to death by throwing it around like a rag doll.
The sheep can be seen laying in the long grass as the violent stallion jumps around and picks up the defenceless animal and aggressively slings its body in every which way.
The sheep already looks lifeless as it is dropped to the floor before the horse picks it up again to throw it around once more. A couple of startled onlookers can be seen tentatively approaching the horse in a bid to help the sheep, but decide to hang back as the furious horse is filmed bucking and throwing its head around in a display of sheer rage.

The sheep is tortured continuously

As the sheep is picked up a second time its face is red with blood from its injuries, the wool around its face is dyed red from blood.
Towards the end of the video, the sheep remains lifeless as the horse tramples around it. Then, in one last act of horror, the horse stamps on the body of the sheep – ensuring its demise.
This isn’t the first time a mostly-gentle animal was provoked and attacked another.

How do horses not kill sheep?

Horse and sheep in harmony

Horses and sheep, in general, get along well once they’ve had some time to get to know one another. Horses are fight-or-flight animals, and if a sheep is introduced too soon, it may be perceived as a threat and attacked. Many horse and sheep owners remark that if introduced properly, they get along swimmingly.

Before you buy a horse and a flock of sheep and keep them together, make sure you understand their unique health and care needs, as well as some added safety considerations regarding keeping horses and sheep together.

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