Do They Hurt? Farmers Drilling Holes In The Stomachs Of Cows For Strange Reasons

Cows aren’t cars, but these cattle look like you could pump gas straight into their sides. A disturbing number of photos and videos online show cows, like these, with holes cut into their sides, fitted with a plastic ring to hold their flesh open.

What is A fistulated cow?

Farmers are drill holes in the stomachs of cows

A fistulated cow is a cow with a passageway (Cannula) connecting the cow’s rumen (stomach) to the outside. By creating this opening into the cow’s stomach, one can learn, for example, how a cow’s stomach works, about the microflora in the cow’s stomach, and how fast certain foods are digested.
Using this way, they can find out about the healthier varieties of crops for the cattle needs thereby making the cattle raising more efficient. By using it, the products obtained from cattle will be improved as well.
Farmers are feeding feed directly to cows

In case of illness, the drugs can be given to the cow through direct stomach. Microns in the stomach of these fistulated cows are transferred to other animals after testing.

Surgical implantation

Surgical implantation

Cannulation requires installing a flanged rubber cylinder in the side of a cow, behind its 13th rib. The cylinder typically is fitted with a plastic, rubber, or metal cap to keep the rumen anaerobic.
The rubber cannula is surgically implanted while the cow is standing and awake, with local anesthetic. The cow is made to fast and refrain from drinking water for 24 hours in advance of the surgery. Then the veterinarian excises a small piece of the cow’s skin, makes an incision through the rumen, and stitches the open sides of the rumen to the edges of skin, to prevent the contents of the rumen from leaking into the rest of the abdominal cavity.Finally, the inner flange of the cannula is pushed inside the rumen and capped.

Does the cow hurt?

Cows feel discomfort for 1 month after surgery

Although many claim that the surgery doesn’t hurt the cows or reduce their life expectancy, the mutilation still has a four- to six-week recovery period, in which there’s no doubt that the animals are uncomfortable
In the video below, you can see Do they hurt? Farmers Drilling Holes In The Stomachs Of Cows For Strange Reasons
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