BLACKPINK Lisa’s Recent “BORN PINK” Outfit Showcases Her Stunning Figure — But The OG Piece Is Even Sexier

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s recent BORN PINK outfit showcased the idol’s stunning figure, but netizens are shocked at the sexy AF nature of the OG piece. BLACKPINK’s Lisa has recently been taking the world by… Read more

Lisa, Rosé returned to Korea after 5 nights of encore performance in the US~

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If I Could Trade Wardrobes With Anyone Right Now, It Would Be Blackpink’s Lisa

When I think back to what I was doing at the age of 25, it likely involved spending most of my Saturday in Topshop Oxford Circus looking for something to wear… Read more

Lisa: “Las Vegas! First time performing here in this vibrant city and your energy was insane. Vegas Blinks know how to party.”

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Each post of Lisa (BLACKPINK) is worth 575,000 USD

The Hopper HQ media platform recently announced the list of 100 celebrities with the most valuable Instagram accounts in 2023. Lisa – a member of the group BLACKPINK – ranked… Read more

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Showed Off Her “Ant-Sized Waist” At The Airport And Drove Everyone Wild

Thanks to her most recent airport fashion, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was caught playing a very dangerous game with fans hearts! BLACKPINK were recently spotted at the airport on their way to… Read more

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Tells The Full Tale Of How She Started Dancing And Dreaming Of Debuting As A K-Pop Idol

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is one of the most popular “dance machines” in the K-Pop industry. Famous for her beauty, charm, and talent, the Thai idol is looked up to by millions… Read more

Lisa and flowers

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Right beneath the alluring photo of Lisa (BLACKPINK) taken in Europe, the billionaire’s camp has made a suspicious move, further fueling speculation.

On the morning of August 10, rumors that Lisa was dating Frédéric Arnault – the son of the richest billionaire in the world Bernard Arnault – took over social media. By the afternoon of the… Read more

Lisa has the latest hot bikini pictures on Instagram

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