BLACKPINK Lisa can’t post photos wearing a bikini due to this reason!

At a recent fanmeeting event in Thailand, BLACKPINK member Lisa shows a relatable side by mentioning her mother.  On May 26th (local time), BLACKPINK Lisa appeared in her home country, Thailand, to… Read more

Lionel Messi sings and dances amazing dances with his stunning wife Antonela at a concert during in Argentina

LIONEL MESSI ιs cleɑrƖy enjoying Һιs wιnтer Ƅɾeak ɑs he was fιƖmed singιng and dancιng at a concert witҺ Һιs wιfe AnтoneƖɑ. The Paɾιs Sɑint-Geɾмɑin foɾwaɾd, 34, Ɩast pƖɑyed on… Read more

Messi’s secret request when playing against Indonesia.

Indonesia must pay about 5 million USD for the country’s national team to host world champion Argentina at Bung Karno Stadium on June 19 with Messi’s own arrangements. The Argentine… Read more

How Blackpink Went From Strangers to Sisters to Pop Supernovas

They’re the world’s biggest girl group, turning out banger after banger. But before they could get there, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé had to become a family. N AN OTHERWISE ordinary… Read more

The title that Pele aпd Roпaldo dream of caп’t eveп get’ – Maradoпa aпd Messi’s domiпaпce iп the FIFA U-20 World Cυp era is υпmatched

Fιпd συt Һow tҺe Һeгoes σf tҺe 1986 апd 2022 sепioг Wσгld Cᴜрs tσσk tҺe fιгst stерs σп tҺeiг jσυгпeys tσ lеgепdагy stаtᴜs. Eᴠeп bаck tҺeп yoυ coυld sее tҺey… Read more

5 easy-to-purchase items BLACKPINK Rosé always carries around

BLACKPINK Rosé recently reveals the affordable essentials that she regularly carries around. Recently, BLACKPINK Rosé joined an interview with Vogue France. In the video, the singer shared some of her favorite affordable… Read more

This Is The Final Adventure Of An Abandoned And Paralyzed Pooch

There are those who cherish their furry companions through thick and thin. There are also individuals who only take in pets for the purpose of amusement and then discard them… Read more

Rosé of Blackpink Reflects on the Moments Before Her Coachella Stage

Rosé of Blackpink recalled the time before she went on stage at Coachella. On the 26th, a video titled “Why did Rosé of Blackpink shed tears before the Coachella stage?” was released… Read more

“A Mother’s Desperation: The Heart-Wrenching Scene of a Grieving Dog’s Emotional Efforts to Unearth her Beloved Departed Puppy”

The video depicts a heartbreaking scene in which a grieving mother dog uncovers her deceased puppy with determination. Kookie tirelessly digs through the densely packed earth until she reaches the… Read more

In the June 2023 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, BLACKPINK Lisa discussed various topics, including Coachella and her future plans. 

The full interview of BLACKPINK Lisa’s appearance in the June 2023 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea has been released, revealing various notable insights.  First, Lisa revealed that her mother told her about… Read more