The secret life of David Alaba, the king of titles

Private life David Alaba – David Alaba is called the King of Titles because he is currently the only star with 10 consecutive national championships in the 21st century, besides an enlightening career, he also has a happy family. Happy with my beautiful other half.

Details Private Life David Alaba
Family David Alaba: Alaba’s father is a Nigerian, he came to Vienna to study economics before becoming a guard for the Austrian army. Now he is a musician and DJ. Meanwhile, Alaba’s mother is a nurse, born in the Philippines. Alaba’s parents met in Austria before giving birth to him on June 24, 1992.

Alaba’s sister is singer Rose May, a very successful artist in Austria.

Marital Status David Alaba: Alaba’s other half is Shalimar Heppner. The couple first met in 2017. In 2018, the two officially announced their love when attending the famous Oktoberfest beer festival in Bavaria.

Shalimar is a part-time model and also works as a manager for a PR agency. She owns a personal Instagram account with more than 30,000 followers.

In 2019, Shalimar and Alaba welcomed their first son. But they have never posted pictures of the boy, and they have also kept their son’s name anonymous.

Wealth: Giant David Alaba is receiving a huge amount of money with about £ 432,692 / week. Every day Alaba earns about 61,813 pounds, equivalent to 1.76 Billion Vietnamese Dong.

Net worth: David Alaba’s net worth as of 2022 is around £52 million.

Car: Off the field, David Alaba often drives an Audi R8, he often appears with this model in photos.

Hobbies: After hours of intense competition on the pitch, David Alaba often likes to travel with his beautiful other half.

And it’s especially interesting that Alaba is very fond of Vietnamese food. The Austrian star once said: “My mother’s cooking is the best, but I like Vietnamese cuisine”.

Title: Called the King of titles, when David Alaba has many titles, most notably, he was with Bayern Munich 10 times to win the Bundesliga and 2 times to win the Champions League.

His most recent Champions League victory was in the 2021/22 season with Real Madrid.

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