Stylist’s revenge? 5 worst dressed K-pop group members, from Blackpink’s Lisa and Twice’s Jeongyeon, to Red Velvet’s Yeri and Aespa’s Giselle

  • Fans of Twice’s Jeongyeon and Red Velvet’s Yeri noticed that the girls’ stylists never dress them in outfits that accentuate their best features
  • Blackpink’s Lisa always seems to have the most questionable outfits, while Aespa’s Giselle and Itzy’s Ryujin are simply often styled in boring clothes

K-pop idols never hold back with their style, whether for music videos, performances or even just Instagram posts. But with every hit comes a few misses, so it’s no surprise that our favourite stars have donned their fair share of unsavory fits too.

But sometimes fans notice a pattern where one member in a group consistently gets the worst outfits, leading to backlash against their stylists.

So, which idols do fans believe are their stylists’ least favourite?

1. Twice’s Jeongyeon

After hiatuses because of health issues, Jeongyeon returned late last year, but her medical treatment led to her gaining some weight. Fans were concerned about her health, but also noticed that her stage outfits were severely lacking too.

Though Jeongyeon exuded confidence on stage, fans believe her stylist isn’t doing a good job of styling her curvier figure. In one stage performance, the girls were dressed in variations of suits and while the outfits were cohesive, fans disliked Jeongyeon’s outfit, finding it ugly with its asymmetrical design and wide belt.

Some fans went even further and claimed that Jeongyeon had always been the worst dressed of the group, even before her hiatuses. During Twice’s “Feel Special” tour in 2019, Jeongyeon wore what fans called a “pillowcase” in a YouTube video – an outfit that looked like had been put together with zero effort. Although Jeongyeon shines in any outfit, fans are convinced she is the stylists’ least favourite.

2. Blackpink’s Lisa

Typing “why does Lisa” into Google will yield suggestions like “why does Lisa get the worst outfits” – and the question isn’t baseless. Although Blackpink is known for its amazing style, there have been times where certain members seem to get the short end of the stick – mostly Lisa. Since the girls’ debut, fans have noticed that Lisa always seems to wear the most unusual – even unattractive – outfits.

During Blackpink’s first online concert, while the other girls were dressed in sparkly, fitted outfits, Lisa’s outfit raised eyebrows, with some even comparing it to a cabbage. The dress, decorated with questionable balls of fluff and paired with black and green boots, seemed out of place compared to the other girls.

Another case was during the group’s stage performance of Ddu-du-ddu-du in 2018, where Lisa wore an oversized pink suit with a black belt. Though Lisa can really pull off anything, this suit was criticised for being unflattering for her figure.

3. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet often wears funky outfits that match their unique personalities, and while they mostly work, some outfits have been criticised – mostly Yeri’s.

Red Velvet fans on Twitter have complained that the group’s stylists don’t know how to compliment Yeri’s figure, especially for her stage performances. One example is her outfit from a performance for Really Bad Boy. Fans thought the crop top and shorts only drew attention to Yeri’s broader upper body, making it unflattering.

In another performance, while other members’ outfits complimented their silhouettes, according to Kpop Boo, fans thought Yeri’s vest, skirt and boots only drew attention to her broader shoulders, while the boots covered most of her legs and made her look shorter.

4. Aespa’s Giselle

Having dressed the girls in questionable outfits before, Aespa’s stylist is no stranger to criticism. But fans on Reddit and Twitter have noticed that, conversely, it seems like Giselle is the one who’s often dressed in boring outfits.

At one of Aespa’s performances, she wore a green crop top with simple black trousers and, although it was flattering, the outfit seemed like it took incredibly low effort compared to the other members who were dressed in more flashy and unique pieces.

Many people also weren’t fans of her attire during a 2020 performance of Black Mamba, where her bright jacket and plain skirt looked cheaper and less thought out compared to the rest of the group.

5. Itzy’s Ryujin

Just like with Aespa, Itzy’s stylist has been criticised many times for the girls’ odd outfits, but fans seem to hate Ryujin’s in particular – not because they’re ugly, but because they’re too repetitive.

According to Koreaboo, fans have called out the stylist for recycling outfits and dressing Ryujin in the same crop tops and shorts multiple times. While Ryujin has more of a tomboy image, which likely explains the frequently seen shorts, fans were annoyed with the lack of variety in her attire.

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