Rising Star Vinicius Jr Gifts Benzema Personalised ‘KB9’ Headphones

As a unique gift, the Brazilian gifted his Real Madrid teammate a set of golden Apple AirPods Max.

In recent seasons, Vinicius Jr. and Karim Benzema have solidified their relationship on the field and helped Real Madrid win a prestigious double last year. The two Real Madrid attackers always work well together on the field, and it appears that their connection extends beyond the playing field.

On Thursday, Benzema posted a picture of a brand-new set of customized headphones that Vinicius had supposedly just purchased on Instagram. Of course, these are not your typical headphones; they look to have gold plating and are inscribed with the Frenchman’s nickname, “KB9.”

Benzema said, “Thank you, my little brother,” in the message.

The two Madrid stars are obviously close, and Vini, who is 13 years younger than Benzema, frequently treats him like an elder sibling. Vinicius claimed in an interview with DJMariio that “Benzema is my best friend. We always keep a close eye on the play while on the field.

The headphones Vinicius handed Benzema are what brand?

Benzema is a well-known music enthusiast who has already appeared in a number of music videos. What headphones did the Brazilian buy for him? Vinicius’ gift will undoubtedly be put to good use.

The headphones that Benzema received are a customized version of Apple’s premium AirPods Max. They are $549 in the United States, but it is reasonable to believe that Vinicius’ model cost considerably more.

The source of Vinicius’s stunning headphones is unknown, although Apple does not provide them as a default choice. The most expensive headphones in the world were made by the Russian luxury goods company Caviar in 2020. They were a golden version of the AirPods Max that combined pure gold with a pricey crocodile leather headband.

The Caviar AirPods Max retailed for $108,000 at the time of release. Although the cost of the pair for KB9 is unknown, the Frenchman clearly appears to have enjoyed the present.

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