38 small garden ideas to maximise your outdoor space with style

Spruce up a little lawn, compact courtyard or bijou balcony – without compromising on form or function

It may seem that small garden ideas are limited in what can be achieved, but a little creativity can go a long way to transforming even the tiniest of plots.

Petite spaces may require a little more thought than larger garden ideas, but they come with plenty of welcome advantages. For a start, it forces you to be a little more inventive, which can often result in serious style and beauty. The other big plus is that due to their size, more often than not they’re delightfully low-maintenance.

We’ve utilised our extensive garden knowledge from our team and spoken with experts in the field to make sure you have all the best ideas to make your small garden the absolute best it can be.

1. Turn to trailing plants

2. Opt for flexible furniture

3. Make your fencing work harder

4. Captivate with containers

5. Turn a tree stump into a table

6. Think vertically

7. Repurpose an old step ladder to display plants

8. Go big with variety

9. Create a layered look

10. Shade a dining spot with an awning

11. Attract wildlife with flowers

12. Plant according to sun and shade

13. Turn it into a tropical oasis

14. Work in an arbour

15. Add interest with plenty of pots and planters

16. Use walls and fences for climbers

17. Take the indoors out

18. Create a mini herb garden

19. Grow your own veg in containers

20. Choose slimline options

21. Add a gallery wall

22. Create a mini outdoor kitchen

23. Double your space

24. Create a kids corner

25. Set up a private bar

26. Hang furniture to free up floorspace

27. Make a small space work harder

28. Add new levels

29. Get creative with shelves and hooks

30. Use paint to trick the eye

31. Make the most of space with a multifunctional shed

32. Use every corner of a courtyard

33. Fix planters under the kitchen window

34. Plant a garden in pots to surround the seating

35. Brighten with colourful furniture

36. Aim high

37. Build a cool cabana

38. Pretty up with soft furnishings

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