The 5 Affordable Essential Items BLACKPINK’s Rosé Keeps In Her Bag

She’s prepared for life’s daily struggles. 😂

BLACKPINK is one of the top girl groups in the nation, and as such, their schedules can look wildly different from day to day. From performing in sold-out arenas worldwide to appearing at the hottest fashion events to frequenting airports thanks to their globetrotting schedules, there is hardly a dull day in the luxurious lives of BLACKPINK’s members.

Although they live extraordinary lives, the members are known and loved for being humble and down-to-Earth.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé recently showed off the contests of her Saint Laurent bag, a brand for which she’s a global brand ambassador, and adorably proved that, in some ways, she’s still just like us.

Rosé showed her natural charm as she revealed the contents of her purse for a video with Vogue France, where she shared some affordable essential items she keeps in her purse.

1. Prepared for paparrazi

As a well-known public figure, Rosé acknowledged that she has to be ready for “a hundred people taking pictures” of her whenever she goes out. To be ready, she carries blotting paper with mattifying powder to help absorb oil and dull shine.

2. She can prevent wardrobe disasters

Rosé is also prepared for most wardrobe malfunctions with her collection of safety pins that she keeps in her bag. It helps make any clothes she purchases look custom-tailored, especially when she buys “huge” pants.

3. A secret to flawless skin

Along with her blotting pads, Rosé stays photo-ready by packing pimple patches. She hilariously shared that she couldn’t wait to order them when she found them online, and they make “getting pimples a bit more fun.”

4. Mobile chef

If the food isn’t spicy enough, Rosé is prepared. She hilariously revealed that she takes spice packets from “extremely spicy ramen noodles” and keeps them in her purse to add to “everything.”

5. Her must-have item

With wireless earbuds rising in popularity, it may be surprising to learn that Rosé hasn’t joined the trend. Instead, she prefers wired earbuds because she’s “not very good at charging things.”

To keep track of them, she keeps her earphones in a case clipped to her purse that she “absolutely must have on [her] bag all of the time.” To her fellow wired earbud carriers, it’s an essential item she highly recommends.

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