Apparently, Dracula Parrots Are A Thing And They Might Be The Most Gothic Birds On Earth

When we think of parrots, we usually imagine them as green, red, or blue-colored birds. However, the types of parrots are a lot more diverse than you might think. After all, there are 393 different species of them that all are quite different from one another. From sulfur-crested cockatoos to bronze-winged parrots, these colorful birds never cease to surprise us with their intelligence and beauty. But have you heard of Pesquet’s parrot, which is more commonly known as the Dracula parrot?
Pesquet’s parrot is a majestic bird that is also known as Dracula parrot

These beautiful birds are easily recognized by their black and grey chests, pitch-black beaks, and strokes of bright red feathers.

Females and males of this parrot type look quite similar. The only difference between them is that males have red patches behind their ears.

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