15+ Captivating Birds, So Unusually Beautiful, You’d Think Were From Another Planet!

There are really no boundaries when it comes to diversity in the animal kingdom and birds are no exception to this rule, especially with birds and their appearance.

In fact, some birds look so outlandish they appear as though they could quite possibly come from another planet!

That being the case we have put together some photos of the most beautiful and most unusual birds from all over the world. Some are quite simply amazing.

1/ Yellow Throated Toucan

2/ Greater Prairie-Chicken

3/ Altamira Oriole

4/ Blue Paradise Flycatcher

5/ Crowned pigeon

6/ Bare-necked Umbrellabird

7/ European Robin

8/ Dwarf Kingfisher

9/ Strawberry Finch

10/ Painted Bunting

11/ Guianan cock-of-the-rock

12/ Bearded Reedling

13/ Northern red bishop

14/ Purple-rumped Sunbird

15/ Shoebill

16/ Polish Chicken

17/ Wilsons Bird of Paradise

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