Total dominance: Real Madrid, only 13 successful passes in 15 minutes with Manchester City. The incredible statistics of the first part

The first half of the match between Manchester City and Real Madrid brought a perfect game for the hosts, while the visitors were far below expectations.

Manchester City – Real Madrid match statistics after 15 minutes / Photo: Capture @ Twitter

After 45 minutes, the English entered the cabins with a comfortable advantage, 2-0

Real Madrid, clearly dominated in the first half of the match with Manchester City
The score on the table at the end of the first part was a justified one, if we go by the statistics.

Madrid had only 29 percent possession and only one shot on goal. In comparison, the “Citizens” shot at Courtois’ goal 13 times, and 5 times they hit the Belgian goalkeeper’s goal.

Manchester City – Real Madrid match statistics after 45 minutes / Photo:

Only his inspiration, which sensationally blocked Haaland twice, prevented the score from being higher.

In fact, the total dominance of Manchester City was also demonstrated by another statistic. In the first 15 minutes, the “Galacticians” completed only 13 passes.

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