Easy Container Gardening Ideas for Your Potted Plants

Weeds are a gardener’s enemy. Lighten this summer’s workload by building beautiful gardens in planters, steel tubs, decorative boxes, and more. The best part: You can plant anything in a planter as long as there’s plenty of water, sunshine, and a hearty fertilizer.

Add a little magic to your backyard with this adorable planter, complete with a mini birdhouse, rustic stones, and accessories fit for a fairy. Don’t forget the pixie dust!

Fairy Garden

Upcycle an old, rusty ladder by adding a fresh coat of paint and a medley of planters, flower pots, and antique boxes.

Ladder Planter

This two-in-one planter will keep the birds in your neighborhood happy while also adding more greenery to your home. Win-win.

Living Roof Birdhouse

Limited on outdoor space? Then this simple DIY vertical planter is the solution. Plus, it can double as a privacy wall from your neighbors.

Vertical Planter

This DIY planter is easier (and cheaper) than it looks: Take an old bannister, attach planter hooks, and then fill planters with herbs and succulents of your choice.

Antique Bannister Wall Planter

Attach clay pots to a pallet with nails and stainless steel cable ties for a living art display that keeps your rosemary and basil at the ready. Remember to space out the pots so your plants have room to grow!

Pots on a Pallet

Lean shutters (old or new) against an exterior wall and fill slots with hearty plants such as succulents or mosses. Although succulents are nearly indestructible, place them on the shady side of your home to help them live longer.

Succulents on Shutters

Create a signature planter by repurposing a cardboard letter. Cut off one face of the hollow initial, line with a plastic bag, then fill with soil and add small flowers like pansies or morning glories. Poke holes in the base to let excess water drain.

Initial Planters

Hang an old canvas or over-the-door shoe organizer on a fence or wall, then fill the compartments with dirt and wispy ferns or vines. Voila — your DIY hanging planter is complete!

Pocketed Plants

Hardy succulents, which stow water in their stems and leaves, thrive in shallow birdbaths (who knew?). Pebbles not only hold more moisture in the soil but also add to the desert-inspired look.

Birdbath Planter

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