Blackpink at Coachella review – high-octane stream of pop bangers

The K-pop group – the first Asian and all-female band to headline the festival – delivered on its promise of solid vocals, tight choreography and maximalist pop numbers

The group’s members – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa – are from, respectively, Korea, Korea via New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. Their lyrics are a free-flowing blend of Korean and English; their loyal fan base, known as the Blinks, spans the globe and several YouTube viewing records. And on Saturday, their high-octane, nearly 90-minute set hammered home why: the universal language of the hard pop banger. Blackpink’s discography is, almost without exception, uppers only – bombastic, confident and uniformly energizing, an adrenaline shot which lifted the crowd to anywhere from bopping along to jumping up and down.

Bad Bunny and Becky G on the Coachella stage

A fan cheers for BLACKPINK

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