BLACKPINK: FIRST K-pop artist in history to have 4 videos surpassing 1.4 BILLION views on Youtube

Their dominance in the K-pop industry is undeniable. Even without having released a group song this year, their dance performance video for “How You Like That” has broken records by accruing over 1.4 billion views on YouTube. This accomplishment places BLACKPINK in a league of their own as the first K-pop act to have this many videos surpassing 1.4 billion views. Not only that, but the video has also set a new record as the most viewed Dance Practice Video in K-pop history.

BLACKPINK’s continued success is a testament to their hard work and the devoted support of their fans, the BLINKs. The group has not only left a mark in the K-pop industry but has also made their presence felt in the world of music. Their future performances are sure to create even more milestones and cement their position as one of the greatest K-pop acts of all time.

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