England’s Sliding House

Designed by Alex de Rijke of dRMM Architects, the shape-shifting home puts a fresh spin on country living.

 “Designed in response to the client’s brief for a bold, auspicious home, Sliding House is an award-winning, three-bedroom house in Suffolk designed by Alex de Rijke of dRMM Architects. Three distinct buildings form this house, their simple architectural profiles belying their ability to alter dynamically in character, openness and light. The larch-clad casing slides back and forth, creating delightful opportunities for both open-air living and sheltered enclosure. Positioned in the heart of the rolling East Anglian countryside, it is set on three and a half acres of bucolic gardens, orchards, and meadows. The house has high-specification eco credentials at its core, creating a radical and responsive, modern way of living.”

A long gravel driveway leads to the home’s wood-clad garage.
The home’s glazed volume overlooks a spacious entertaining terrace and the meadow beyond. The home’s wood-clad casing can slide over this structure to provide privacy and shade the interior from the sun.
In the summer, the primary bathroom can be fully opened to the elements, providing an opportunity to bathe in the open air and stargaze.

The second structure has a light-filled layout, complete with a bedroom, bath, and office.

“Within ten minutes, a transformation can occur,” notes the agent. “The outer wooden casing can slide along recessed railway tracks to unveil the glassy metal framework that lies beneath, altering the home’s character. During the warmer months, the structure can slide over the terrace to give shade to al fresco diners, while in winter, it provides extra insulation.”

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