The Anderson-Carrick House

Mid-century Modern Home Is Given New Life By Removing Two Soul-Sucking Additions.

Nine years in the making, this 1959 fanned, l-shape home designed by architect Paul Tay is brough back to life by going back to its roots. Unfortunately, many of its original details were removed, covered or altered; the terrazzo was covered by ceramic tile, the entry closet was removed, room dividers destroyed and two awkward additions concealed the indoor/outdoor integration (one of these additions completely concealed an interior courtyard). During the extensive restoration and remodel, all of these aspects have been corrected and given new life while modern details were brought into the core systems, kitchen and bathrooms.

The Homeowners Association of this community requires that all home remodels be presented and reviewed by the HOAs Architectural Review Board. During the project review the Board stated, “We believe this is the first time that anyone has actually made their home SMALLER (because of the removal of the two additions equaling almost 750 square feet).”

Truly exemplifying that smaller can be better, this home has returned to its roots and now basks in its former glory.

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