Taeyang’s music video for ‘Shoong!’ featuring BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Taeyang of Big Bang has released his new mini-album ‘Down to Earth’, alongside music videos for ‘Seed’ and ‘Shoong!’ featuring BLACKPINK member Lisa.

The touching black-and-white clip for ‘Seed’ features scenes of Taeyang walking along a breach and through city streets, seeming looking for someone. Colour fills the music video in its final shots, as the sun sets with Taeyang in the middle of a dessert.

Meanwhile, the music video for ‘Shoong!’ finds Taeyang and Lisa performing the song’s sleek choreography on a futuristic set with pink and orange neon lights.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Taeyang also spoke about his first impression of Lisa. “One special thing is that when Lisa first came to YG, literally when she first came to Korea, I was there working on music and ended up watching her audition,” he said.

“At that time, she was a baby, a young kid who just came from Thailand,” Taeyang added. “I told our CEO at the time, ‘I think she will do well no matter what.’ […] Watching her become so successful makes me proud.”

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